Innovation for India Awards

Innovation for India Awards is MIF’s biennial program that aims to showcase and celebrate currently hidden, potentially game-changing Indian innovations, offering them a getaway to recognition and a symbol of excellence in innovation. Applications for the 10th Edition of the Awards are now open!


Profiles of Winners 2023

For Profit

Dhruva Space

Dhruva Space, is a proprietary full-stack space engineering solutions provider, covering space operation & platform, launch assistance and ground operations – helping increase India’s contribution to the global space economy. It provides cost-effective solutions for satellite deployment [80% cost reduction in manufacturing of satellites], and is building a full stack solution (manufacturing, assembly & deployment), making them a one-stop-solution for all clients looking to utilise such services or enter the private satellite market.

For Profit


Dozee, a patented contactless remote monitoring device, converts any bed into a stepped-down e-ICU within five minutes and at 20% cost. This device can monitor multiple body parameters and send customised alerts to doctors. Dozee is now building a virtual nurse to solve for the scarcity of caregivers. 

These are non-invasive and cost-effective solutions to improve healthcare services for ICU and ward patients through assistive tech. They also bridge the shortage of nurses in India, by serving as a solution to monitor patient health in their absence— or at least reduce the scope of intervention required by nurses.

For Profit

Ishitva Robotic Systems

Ishitva Robotic Systems pioneers advanced technologies for identifying, sorting, and recovering recyclables from dry waste 7x faster, with more efficiency and precision, and at 3x lower cost. Their innovations integrate vision systems, high-speed acceleration, pneumatic valves, and Industry 4.0 technologies such as AI, ML, and IoT. Deployed in municipal waste recycling plants and industries, these machines reduce reliance on manual labour, mitigate health risks, and significantly enhance the cost-effectiveness of waste management processes.

For Profit is enhancing accuracy of diagnosis and improving health outcomes by giving accelerated insights from medical scans (X-Ray/USG/CT) using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning—in less than one minute, as compared to the 15 minutes it takes otherwise. It enables medical professionals, mostly radiologists, to prioritise cases effectively, while also bridging their shortage in India and reducing the workload of existing radiologists by 50%.

For Profit

India Development Review

India Development Review (IDR) is an independent media platform for the advancement of knowledge and insights on philanthropy and social impact. It publishes cutting-edge ideas, research, and real-world practice of cross-sector solutions to development problems in underserved areas to help increase visibility and ultimately benefit NGOs. This unique initiative unlocks and disseminates the existing-yet-hidden expertise and wisdom on advancing social change, and bridging the awareness and knowledge gap between members of various development and social welfare communities.

Not For Profit

Khushi Baby

Khushi Baby has created an integrated platform to help ASHA health workers conduct digital health census, do predictive outreach, and even monitor community health through wearable baby pendants. It also offers integration of other apps used by healthcare workers, with the aim of developing one unified platform for them. This community led tech-enabled movement is easing access to healthcare and associated government schemes for rural Indians, and enabling the identification of high-risk beneficiaries that need help urgently.

Not For Profit

Rythu Sadhikara Samstha

Rythu Sadhikara Samstha is a not-for-profit company that creates integrated institutional mechanisms for programmes, schemes, and activities geared towards farmer’s empowerment. These encompass welfare, development, capacity enhancement, credit flow, financial support, and allied empowerment activities. They are also building capacity, through a train-the-trainer model, to help farmers learn natural farming practices and increase livelihood or net income by 62%. They do all this, while reducing dependencies on chemical inputs, thereby reviving soil and crop health through application of natural techniques.

Global Gamechanger


CoWIN (Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network) is a web portal for Covid-19 vaccination registration, and supply chain management—developed, owned and operated by India’s Ministry of Health and Family. It served as the digital backbone of India’s Covid-19 response and rapidly accelerated the vaccination program by disseminating information on vaccine availability and locations, allowing online scheduling of appointments, tracking vaccinations received, and generating portable evidence for those vaccinated. 

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Applications for the 10th edition of the Innovation for India Awards are now open.

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