Innovation for India Awards

Innovation for India Awards is MIF’s biennial program that aims to showcase and celebrate currently hidden, potentially game-changing Indian innovations, offering them a getaway to recognition and a symbol of excellence in innovation. Applications for the 10th Edition of the Awards are now open!


Profiles of Winners 2018

For Profit


ideaForge designs, develops, engineers, and manufactures indigenous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), equipped with industry leading specifications and capabilities. It is the pioneer and the pre-eminent market leader in Indian Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

For Profit


Rivigo offers pan-India delivery services to ecommerce, pharmaceutical, automobile, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies. Operating a full-service technology suite, Rivigo’s B2B express network currently covers more than 19,000 pin codes across the country. The startup also has more than 250 processing centres and branches spanning an area of more than 1.5 million square feet.

For Profit

Tonbo Imaging

Tonbo Imaging designs and builds high-tech cameras and imaging systems for the defence industry. These also have commercial applications such as driverless cars and autonomous mining trucks. Tonbo Imaging is the only non-NATO supplier to the US military.


Ecolibrium Energy

Ecolibrium Energy is building systems and devices driven by machine learning and IoT, to provide predictive maintenance of huge machinery in factories. Their systems alert factory managers 15-20 days before a machine could possibly shut down, helping them plan downtime in advance and improve productivity.

Not For Profit

Incredible Devices

Incredible Devices produces the only Catheter Reprocessing System in the world that cleans and makes catheters suitable for reuse with 100% accuracy. These solutions help patients save 99% in medical costs, while also increasing the life of such equipment, hospital costs, and safety of staff who were hitherto responsible for manual sterilisation.

Not For Profit

Forus Health

Forus Health has built an extremely light, portable device—that is 1/4th the cost of its nearest competitor—to detect retinopathy in premature babies, who are at a huge risk of losing sight after a few months or years of being born. This device helps prevent this situation by alerting the doctor right soon after birth if an eye surgery is needed. They have gone global with this innovation; it is now being used in more than seven countries.

Global Gamechanger

Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio is a telecommunications service provider and mobile network operator in India, offering a range of services including voice, data, and messaging services, as well as smartphones, hotspot devices, and digital content. It has revolutionised the Indian telecom landscape, becoming one of the highest quality and most affordable data providers in the world.

Global Gamechanger

India Stack

India Stack is responsible for creating a unified software platform to bring India’s population into the digital age. It is a set of APIs that allows governments, businesses, startups, and developers to utilise unique digital infrastructure that facilitates presence-less, paperless, and cashless service delivery in India. India Stack is also the powerhouse behind the Aadhar system.

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Applications for the 10th edition of the Innovation for India Awards are now open.