Praan is Creating a (Clean Air) Storm With Cutting Edge Filterless Purifiers

Industry Clean Technology

Induction into Scale-Up 2023


About Praan

Praan has a bold vision: to rebuild the atmosphere. Why? Because particulate matter in urban air has 45-150 times the global warming impact of CO₂. 720 crore people breathe toxic air, and approximately 70 lakh people die annually due to air pollution. Industries are even more alarming, with over 10 crore blue-collar workers breathing air 50 times worse than WHO’s prescribed norms.

Originating as a modest dorm-room initiative, Praan has evolved into an innovative powerhouse, leading the development of advanced, filter-less air purification technologies. Praan’s flagship product MK-II utilises patented advanced ionisation technology to remove dust and particulate matter from the surrounding area, boasting a high purification rate of 1,300 cubic feet per minute and providing real-time air quality insights. Pioneering a proprietary, low-maintenance filterless technology, Praan efficiently reduces particulate matter of 2.5 micrometres by up to 40% in industrial atmospheres and offers a cost reduction of 70% compared to traditional filter-based alternatives. The HIVE, its second product, is designed for small spaces like homes and schools.

Praan uses patented techniques to install its streamlined units either individually or in clusters within factories—a unique strategy that offers a fresh solution to tackle air pollution in industrial settings.

Praan at MIF’s Scale-Up

Praan was inducted into MIF’s no-equity accelerator in December 2023. In the early stages of its Scale-Up journey, the startup has started receiving bespoke mentorship to solve challenges unique to its vision of democratising access to clean, healthy air, at scale. So far, this includes support for hiring and team building, improving its B2B sales strategies, and reducing its sales cycle. Scale-Up is also facilitating connections with relevant industry players for pilots and greater market access.

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