Fuelling the Future: Goenvi Technologies Leads the Way in Waste-to-Fuel Initiatives

Industry Plastic Waste Management

Induction into Scale-Up 2024


About Goenvi Technologies

Goenvi Technologies utilises their patented chemical recycling process called ‘Catalytic Thermal Decomposition Technology’ to transform end-of-life plastics and biomass waste into valuable alternate fuels such as biofuel. Their low-temperature pyrolysis machines play a crucial role in this process, converting waste materials into useful fuels for various industrial applications, thereby addressing both waste management and sustainable energy needs.

This technology significantly reduces the capital expenditure required for setting up a pyrolysis plant by 2x times, while their proprietary catalyst slashes the conversion cost of plastic waste by an impressive 75%. Clients typically experience a swift payback period of just two years.

Goenvi Technologies at MIF’s Scale-Up

The startup was inducted into MIF’s no-equity accelerator in January 2024. The initial stages of identifying support areas are underway. With bespoke support from MIF’s no-equity accelerator, Goenvi Technologies is dedicated to solving India’s mixed plastics waste problem through its innovative chemical recycling technology. 

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