From Ash to Cash: Brisil’s Pioneering Approach to Tackling Air Pollution Through Rice Husk Ash

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Induction into Scale-Up 2024


About Brisil Technologies

Rice husk is widely used as a renewable source of energy in India’s biomass power plants, providing electricity for rural areas. It’s also used in various industrial processes such as the production of cement, insulation materials, and animal feed. However, this generates a mammoth 20-30 lakh tonnes of rice husk ash annually in India, most of which is dumped in the open due to its low commercial value—causing air pollution and a gamut of health concerns.

Brisil Technologies employs a patented chemical process to transform rice husk ash into valuable bio-based silica for the manufacturing sector and activated carbon. Calcium carbonate is also produced as a byproduct, which Brisil customises for paint, paper, and dental care industries.

This zero-waste approach slashes greenhouse gas emissions by 50%-75% and cuts energy consumption by 20% compared to manufacturers utilising conventional methods in silica production. The bio-based silica produced also offers a sustainable, 55% cheaper alternative to traditionally sourced silica—which is largely extracted from environmentally taxing sand mining.

Each tonne of silica produced saves over 10 tonnes of carbon emissions and diverts two tonnes of ash from landfills. With a daily ash consumption of 50 tonnes and a silica output of 25-30 tonnes, as of early 2023, Brisil Technologies is poised to take centerstage soon. 

Brisil at MIF’s Scale-Up

The startup was inducted into Scale-Up in January 2024. Initial stages of identifying support areas are underway. With bespoke support from MIF’s no-equity accelerator, Brisil Technologies aims to realise its vision of processing 50,000 tonnes of ash and producing over 30,000 tonnes of silica annually by 2025.

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