New Leaf Dynamic Technologies: Revolutionising Food Produce Refrigeration While Tackling Food Waste Crisis

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Induction into Scale-Up 2023


About New Leaf Dynamic Technologies

The lack of adequate, efficient, and affordable cold storage infrastructure is one of the biggest causes of massive post-harvest losses in India, estimated at a staggering value of over INR ~92,000 crore*. New Leaf Dynamic aspires to solve this challenge by making affordable refrigeration accessible across India without dependence on electricity or diesel.

The startup has built and patented a biomass-powered refrigeration system called GreenCHILL that can be used as cold storage, pre-cooler, ripening chamber, and dehydrator at farms and aggregation centres. This innovation decentralises cold storage, allowing farmers to prolong the shelf life of perishable produce until market prices are profitable, substitute erratic power supply with locally available biomass, and sustainably dispose of farm waste by using it as fuel for GreenCHILL.

GreenCHILL units reduce electricity consumption by 90% per day for four tonnes of refrigeration. They are also ~40% cheaper than solar-powered cold storage systems and save carbon emissions of 40 tonnes annually—while saving costs incurred by farmers. This breakthrough innovation has garnered significant attention, with New Leaf Dynamic Technologies undertaking over 700 projects in 50 cities and establishing partnerships with fresh produce aggregators such as India’s retail giant Big Basket.

*Source: Niti Aayog, New Strategy for India @75, Dec 2018

New Leaf Dynamic Technologies at MIF’s Scale-Up

At our no-equity accelerator, New Leaf Dynamic is receiving in-depth and tailored mentorship from industry experts, including Managing Director & CEO of Mahindra Agri Solutions Ramesh Ramachandran and former Managing Director & CEO of Thermax MS Unnikrishnan. They helped New Leaf Dynamic set a strategic direction for the business in terms of which customer segments to target in what clusters, and what are the future risks to mitigate. 

At Scale-Up, New Leaf Dynamic also revised support encompassing facilitating market access to industry players for B2B sales, assistance in how to obtain a renewable energy certification, and validating key customer segments for early sales traction.

As a result, New Leaf Dynamic has established connections with multiple players in the pharmaceutical and beverage industries, with discussions underway for pilot projects. MIF’s support has also enabled the organisation to showcase its technology to a network of FPOs at a virtual event conducted in collaboration with the National Association of FPOs, in January 2024. 

As of April 2024, New Leaf Dynamic Technologies continues to be a part of Scale-Up.


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