IBANSS Champions Bamboo-based Solutions to the Plastic Waste Epidemic Through Ingenious Technology & Design

Industry Plastic Waste Management

Induction into Scale-Up 2022



IBANSS utilises proprietary technology to produce bamboo granules, which can be used by plastic manufacturers on traditional machines for injection moulding, blow moulding, and film drawing processes. The result is 100% compostable and anti-bacterial plastic-like products ranging from food storage containers to stretched sheets for packaging like polybags.

IBANSS also produces refined bamboo cellulose fibres that can serve as additives and fillers in various industries such as textiles, construction, refractory materials, filtration of oils and liquids, and plastics. In addition to offering eco-friendly materials, the startup provides its own range of finished products for everyday use, including plates, cups, bowls, organisers, and more.

It has been prominently featured in Marico Innovation Foundation’s marquee report in 2023, titled “Innovation in Plastics – The Potential and Possibilities.” 

IBANSS at MIF’s Scale-Up

Since joining MIF’s no-equity accelerator, IBANSS has received comprehensive mentorship from Marico’s Head of Trade Marketing, Suhasini Venkatraman, across key areas, including marketing and brand positioning strategies, as well as expansion into South Asian markets. Scale-Up has facilitated market access for IBANSS at some of India’s leading personal care brands.

A notable success resulting from this support, is a pilot order from a large premium beauty and cosmetics brand in India. 

As of April 2024, IBANSS remains an active participant in Scale-Up.

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