IIT Bombay-Incubated CareMother is Revolutionising Pregnancy Care with AI-Driven Remote Monitoring

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Induction into Scale-Up 2020


About CareMother

CareMother, a maternity solution platform, makes pregnancy monitoring simpler for healthcare providers with its digital and Artificial Intelligence-powered foetal monitoring tools.

Case in point: CareMother’s Fetomax is India’s most advanced foetal heart monitor. It is a smart, wireless nonstress test/cardiotocograph (NST/CTG) device that enables doctors to test foetal markers remotely at any time and get notified of abnormal results. BabyBeat is a wireless foetal heart monitor for home use, with medical-grade monitoring and report-sharing features. AnandiMaa is a portable kit for community health workers that enables remote pregnancy care for rural women, deployed in partnership with governments and NGOs. While FetoMini is a smartphone-based CTG machine, careHer is a single integrated platform for delivering last-mile diagnostic services.

CareMother products have reached over 650+ hospitals and served 300,000+ mothers in over 25 states and five countries since its inception in 2015. The startup is working towards becoming India’s best med-tech and digital health provider for pregnancy care by 2025.

CareMother at MIF’s Scale-Up

During its time at MIF’s no-equity accelerator, CareMother received dedicated, strategic bespoke mentorship from Global President, Endomechanical and Energy at J&J Medtech, Sandeep Makkar across domain areas.

Areas of support included devising strategies to increase revenue from sales of medical devices, increasing manufacturing capacity, and enhancing quality controls in their assembly line, improving management decisions, better recruitment, performing due diligence for distributor selection, and optimising logistics based on a cluster-based distribution model. Under MIF’s guidance at Scale-Up, employee awareness of CareMother’s goals rose, and new revenue streams were established, thanks to Regional Sales Managers and distributors expanding CareMother’s presence across different regions. As a result, the contribution of tier-2 markets rose to 30% of total revenue, manufacturing capacity increased from 4 kits/day to 8 kits/day, and traceability of components improved to less than 1 minute.

Particularly noteworthy is the trust garnered by CareMother through seamless customer service during its time at Scale-Up. Marico experts—including Former Executive Vice President and National Sales Head Shivajyoti Dash; Former Marketing Manager Badal Choudhary; Manager, Quality Assurance Aparna Yatheendran; and, Head of Quality Shailesh Ghodekar—assisted in identifying high-risk areas, designing mitigation processes, and creating standard operating procedures for downstream processes such as in packaging and customer care. A simple suggestion to seal packages earned CareMother immense trust from customers. Over time, complaint resolution timelines dropped by 50%.

Since MIF’s Scale-Up Program has now narrowed down its focus to innovations in Agri-Technology, Plastic Waste Management, and Clean Technology, Caremother graduated from the Scale-Up program in 2022. .

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