Indra Water: Driving the World’s Transition Towards Sustainable & Smart Water Treatment

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Induction into Scale-Up 2023


About Indra Water

Founded in 2017, Indra Water solves the complex problem of water treatment in the industrial and sewage segment with decentralised water treatment systems, including those based on electro-coagulation processes. These treatment systems are affordable and modular, and can conduct six critical processes in one reactor to treat water, compared to the industry standard of nine processes. The output is water ready for reuse in non-potable applications. It can also be combined with other technologies to obtain potable-grade water.

Indra Water’s groundbreaking plug-and-play technology reduces users’ capital expenditure by 35%, operational costs by 40%—while achieving ~99% water for reuse. Notable projects include treatment plants at Godavari Biorefineries, Tauruz, and Kudikunta Lake.

Indra Water at MIF’s Scale-Up

Indra Water was inducted into MIF’s no-equity accelerator in March 2023. Since then, it has received in-depth guidance to identify challenges in defining its B2B sales strategy and reducing its sales cycle, particularly the time it takes the startup to prepare a comprehensive proposal for a prospective client. Working with the Founder of Smaart Water and Scale-Up’s strategic mentor Ravi Mariwala, Indra Water has also been fine-tuning its sales approach for three specific sectors: residential & commercial, textiles & dye, and paper & pulp.

As of April 2024, Indra Water continues to be a part of Scale-Up.

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