Lucro: Turning Post-Consumer Waste into Value

Industry Plastic Waste Management

Induction into Scale-Up 2021


About Lucro

Lucro is an integrated waste management, recycling, and product manufacturing company. It operates at the forefront of sustainability under its trademarked process ‘Plast-e-cycle’. By collecting, segregating, sorting, and recycling post-consumer ocean-bound plastic waste, they transform it into valuable products including flexible & compostable packaging and raw material granules. Backed by a blockchain-based digital application, their process ensures a remarkable level of transparency and traceability throughout the entire lifecycle — from sourcing to post-manufacture, payments, and finances. This transparency provides partners — such as TATA Consumer Products, Adidas, Mercedes Benz, Maruti Suzuki, and Honda — with clarity on the value generated through recycling efforts.

Lucro’s innovative approach prevents thousands of tons of plastic waste from reaching our oceans while offering a sustainable alternative to virgin plastics at a cost that is 4% to 7% cheaper than virgin materials. By closing the loop on the lifecycle of plastics, they keep these materials within the economy for as long as possible, contributing to a more circular and environmentally conscious future.

Lucro has been prominently featured in Marico Innovation Foundation’s marquee report in 2023, titled “Innovation in Plastics – The Potential & Possibilities”. 

Lucro at MIF’s Scale-Up

Since its induction into MIF’s no-equity accelerator in 2021, Lucro has received bespoke guidance on increasing waste collection volumes by optimising procurement and implementing fire and safety protocols while building a compliant factory. Further, Marico’s Founder & Chairman, Harsh Mariwala, strategically advised Lucro to create a competitive moat by increasing their collection efforts and number of collection centres.  

Former EHS Professional at Marico, Sandeep Zore, was also among the mentors guiding Lucro, during which time he conducted an audit of the startup’s factory premises. Scale-Up is also facilitating market access connections and opportunities for conducting pilots with various corporate entities. 

As of April 2024, Lucro continues to be a part of Scale-Up. 

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