Solving India’s Crop Waste Conundrum With Craste’s Innovative Farmer-first Technology

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Induction into Scale-Up 2024


About Craste

Craste is pioneering advanced technologies to transform abundant, low-value crop waste into sustainable solutions. The startup first purchases crop waste, generating an additional revenue stream for farmers and preventing air pollution caused by stubble burning. Leveraging this waste, particularly rice straw and mustard stubble, Craste then produces food-grade biodegradable pulp sheets and packaging material, as well as India’s first formaldehyde-free engineered green particle boards for furniture applications.

Employing patented Blending Technology, Craste ensures these particle boards are uniformly coated, offering superior properties compared to other options in the market. Notably, the company has developed a proprietary 100% sustainable adhesive, eliminating the need for carcinogenic formaldehyde commonly used in traditional boards. This innovative approach not only reduces costs by 48% compared to virgin wood pulp produced in the wood-intensive industry but also slashes CO₂ emissions by 30 kg per 8ft x 4ft panel. Additionally, Craste’s packaging material, crafted through a pulp-refining process, saves 24 trees per tonne and consumes 67% less water with zero discharge.

Craste at MIF’s Scale-Up

Craste was inducted into MIF’s no-equity accelerator in January 2024. Initial stages of identifying support areas are underway. With bespoke support from MIF’s no-equity accelerator, Craste is dedicated to solving the problem of stubble waste through creation of sustainable packaging materials. 

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