Ishitva Robotic Systems: Building Futuristic Waste Sorting Solutions to Unlock Treasure in Trash & Restore Human Dignity

Industry Plastic Waste Management

Induction into Scale-Up 2021


About Ishitva Robotic Systems

India generates nearly 34.7 lakh tonnes of plastic waste annually, 30% of which is recycled by workers from the informal sector. Ishitva Robotic Systems is challenging this status quo and revolutionising waste management with machines built on Industry 4.0 technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Case in point: Ishitva Robotic Systems has pioneered the world’s first set of AI-powered air-based sorting products, offering an automated solution for segregating dry waste that is several times more affordable and scalable compared to manual sorting methods. This innovation includes full-colour range sorting capabilities, encompassing brand recognition and even the colour ‘black’. Among its impressive lineup of products is Sanjivani, India’s inaugural autonomous waste management system, and Netra, a state-of-the-art machine vision system designed to accurately identify and recover recyclables from mixed waste on conveyor belts. Suka, a more advanced offering, integrates the vision system with high-speed acceleration and pneumatic valves to precisely sort waste, based on polymers, colours, brands, sizes, and more.

For its groundbreaking innovations, Ishitva Robotic Systems won MIF’s Innovation for India Award 2023 in the Business category. It has also been prominently featured in Marico Innovation Foundation’s marquee report in 2023, titled “Innovation in Plastics – The Potential & Possibilities”.

Ishitva Robotic Systems at MIF’s Scale-Up

Since its induction in September 2021 into MIF’s no-equity accelerator, Ishitva Robotic Systems has received comprehensive and tailored support from Marico’s Head of Commercial (Sales & Marketing) Priyank Fofaliya in building a clear go-to-market plan, including identifying key customer segments, and developing marketing strategies. These have resulted in a pipeline worth several crores, and connections with investors—some of whom participated in the startup’s last bridge funding round.

Scale-Up strategic mentor, Chairman of Madison World Sam Balsara, has also co-developed strategies to increase Ishitvas’ brand awareness through marketing tools such as video marketing, social media, and regional PR. As a result, the startup successfully created a mass-market video in a vernacular language, which increased its brand recall and reach at exhibitions and events. Through MIF, Ishitva Robotic Systems has also received several opportunities to showcase its innovations at large conferences on plastic waste management.

As of April 2024, Ishitva Robotics Systems continues to be a part of Scale-Up.

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