Startup Hub India Set to Drive Global Progress

India's startup ecosystem has evolved into a global innovation hub, driving economic growth, job creation, and technological advancement across diverse sectors.

By Marico Innovation Foundation February 23, 2024 | 12:00 PM

The remarkable transformation of India’s startup ecosystem from being service-oriented to becoming a global centre for innovation and entrepreneurship, is worth noting. In CNBC TV18’s feature titled ‘Why India as a startup and innovation hub will play a vital role in future global progress’, Amit Chandra, Honorary Chairperson, Governing Council, Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF), and Suranjana Ghosh, Head of MIF, underscore the immense economic potential of startups today in driving job creation, fostering innovation across diverse sectors like healthcare, agriculture, and renewable energy, and contributing significantly to India’s economic growth. They also discuss the evolving funding environment, emphasising the importance of sustainability, technological innovation, and global expansion for Indian startups. 

In the midst of celebrating India's thriving startup ecosystem, it's essential to acknowledge the abundant opportunities, particularly in sectors where innovative solutions drive transformative #progress. In CNBC TV18's feature, titled "Why India as a #startup and #innovation hub…

— Marico Innovation Foundation (@MIF_India) March 15, 2024

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