Championing Sustainability: MIF’s Vision for a Plastic-free Future

How MIF is facilitating investments, market access, and circularity by supporting innovators in the plastic waste management space.

By Marico Innovation Foundation May 7, 2024 | 6:42 AM

Over 150 years ago, the quest for a versatile substitute for ivory led to the creation of plastic. Today, we grapple with the herculean environmental repercussions of plastic waste. 

In this challenging landscape, Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF) is steadfast in its commitment to fostering innovation in the plastic waste management space in India. Founded by Harsh Mariwala, MIF serves as the CSR arm of Marico Limited, with a vision to identify, de-risk, and scale disruptive Indian innovations that can create large-scale social, environmental, and economic impact.

In 2022, MIF embarked on the mission to address plastic waste, aiming to cultivate an ecosystem for innovative solutions. This approach is encapsulated in the playbook titled “Innovation in Plastics: The Potential and Possibilities.” The report highlights India’s alarming plastic consumption, which surged to 20 million tonnes in 2019-20, doubling in just four years. The report also underlines the need for a resilient circular economy in India and stresses the collective responsibility of all stakeholders, from government bodies and corporations to civil society and enterprising entrepreneurs. 

Leading from the front on the proposed roadmap in the report, MIF took it upon itself to create opportunities for collaboration and reform in the plastic waste management space, uniting stakeholders to tackle global challenges through innovation. To this end, MIF facilitated mentorship between industry leaders and innovators, enabling them to solve sector-specific challenges and access markets. Within this framework, MIF nurtured 15 disruptive innovations across the plastics value chain, addressing collection, sorting, recycling, upcycling, reuse, and the development of viable alternatives to plastics (such as bioplastics).

Today, Marico Innovation Foundation organised the Plastics Program Roundup 2023-24, where we hosted startups from our #plastics portfolio. Our focus was to review the impact of #innovative plastic waste management solutions and provide an opportunity for the innovators to…

— Marico Innovation Foundation (@MIF_India) February 29, 2024

Two Standout Innovations in MIF’s Plastic Program

MIF also facilitated a collaboration between SATMA CE and Refillable, enabling them to utilise SATMA CE’s operational traceability software. SATMA CE provides traceability of circular supply chains using operational data, while Refillable simplifies the transition to a zero-waste lifestyle by delivering refillable glass bottles and offering small quantity refills. This collaboration enhanced Refillable’s ability to track its supply chain and demonstrate environmental responsibility.

By nurturing groundbreaking solutions and fostering collaboration, MIF is leading the charge in reshaping our approach to plastic waste. With determination and ingenuity, we can overcome the challenges ahead and pave the way for a plastic-free future. 

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