Reimagining the Future of Food Through Urban Kisaan’s Advanced Hydroponic & Vertical Farming Systems

Industry Agri-Technology

Induction into Scale-Up 2023


About Urban Kisaan

Urban Kisaan revolutionises agriculture with advanced hydroponic and vertical farming, bypassing land, water, and climate constraints. Offering turnkey urban farms and home-growing kits, they empower farmers for higher yields, water conservation, and food security in water and land-stressed environments like UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia—where it intends to enter strategic partnerships to broaden hydroponic farming practices.

Urban Kisaan’s hydroponic technology cultivates without soil, cutting water usage by 95% and CO2 emissions by 90%, while enabling pesticide-free crops. Automated and scientifically-driven, it boosts yields up to 100 times over traditional methods, at a fraction of costs incurred by global competitors in hydroponics. Partner farmers have seen up to a 30x yield increase with Urban Kisaan, thanks to proprietary seeds, formulations, and diverse crop options. 64 types of fruits, vegetables, and greens thrive in their farms, which are either coco peat-based or non-media based.


Urban Kisaan at MIF’s Scale-Up

At our no-equity accelerator, Urban Kisaan has so far received crucial support in defining the scope and essential components of a Joint Venture (JV) contract with a partner to expand internationally. Scale-Up mentor and Head of Finance (Corporate) & International Business at Marico, Ketan Jain, guided the startup in identifying critical contract components, including Urban Kisaan’s patent ownership.

The outcome: this promising, pioneering startup successfully secured a term sheet, a significant milestone towards finalising the JV contract.

As of April 2024, Urban Kisaan continues to be a part of Scale-Up. 

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