MIF’s Pathways to Drive Innovation in the Sustainability Space

A stocktake of MIF’s efforts to drive scalable innovation in the plastic waste management space so far, and the road ahead—as featured in The Hindu BusinessLine.

By Marico Innovation Foundation March 1, 2024 | 11:13 AM

Promoting innovations to reduce the use of plastics, the Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF) founded by Harsh Mariwala is facilitating collaborations between innovators and Fast-Moving Goods (FMCG) companies like Nestle and McDonald’s, focusing on plastic waste management, food and agritech, and clean technology for sustainability. It is this commitment to sustainable innovation that The Hindu BusinessLine features here.

In the piece, Suranjana Ghosh, Head of MIF, reflects on the foundation’s past experiences, where initial engagements in specific sectors led to broader exploration of emerging areas. Looking ahead, Ghosh articulates MIF’s ambition to make a significant impact in the sustainability space, particularly through ongoing efforts in plastic waste management—while also eyeing the food and agri-tech sector for future initiatives.

Read the feature here: ‘Marico Foundation facilitates collaborations between FMCG firms and innovators to reduce plastic use

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