Inspiring innovators in India

Started in the year 2006, this is a biennial platform that identifies and awards innovations that hold potential to generate large scale impact. Over the previous editions, MIF has recognized more than 50 innovations across all categories. The eclectic jury has the knack to handpick the next big innovations in India, making MIF Awards a pioneer in recognizing unheralded innovations


The outcome was 8 path breaking Indian innovations, each disrupting their
respective industries. These are India’s solutions for global challenges.

Pioneer in drone manufacturing, their drones are built for India’s wide range of terrain & weather conditions; are the only ones in India that have vertical takeoff; landing abilities with 60min in-flight endurance – more than any other globally.
Transforming the logistics industry in India, Rivigo keeps truck drivers as their focal point. Drivers need not stay away from their families for 25 days/month due to Rivigo's “relay” model. They have reduced lead time of delivery by a whopping 40%.
Tonbo designs and builds high-tech cameras & imaging systems for the defense industry. These also have commercial applications like driverless cars and autonomous mining trucks. They are the only non-NATO supplier to the US military.
Ecolibrium provides predictive maintenance of huge machinery in factories. Their systems will alert factory managers 15-20 days before a machine could possibly shut down, helping factories plan downtime in advance and improve productivity.
They have built an extremely light & portable device at 1/4th the cost of its nearest competitor to detect ROP (retinopathy) in pre-mature babies. They have gone global with this innovation with more than 7 countries already using their product.
The only Catheter Reprocessing System in the world that cleans catheters making them re-usable with 100% accuracy. New catheters cost Rs 2,500 and upward, while recycled catheters cost a meagre Rs. 20 per use - a cost reduction of 99%.
A unified software platform that helps solve for India’s hard problems of presence-less, paperless, and cashless service delivery; thereby ushering in the digital era. It is the powerhouse behind the Aadhar system as well.
With a strong ecosystem of a network, devices, applications and content, Reliance Jio has revolutionized the Indian telecom landscape, becoming the highest quality and most affordable data market in the world.

Highlights of Awards 2018


Traditionally innovations have been recognized under two main categories –Business and Social. A special ‘Global Game Changer’ award is also presented to an innovation that has made a large-scale impact and changed the face of the industry it operates in. At MIF Awards 2018, innovations will also be recognized in the newly introduced Start-Up category which will showcase innovations conceptualized within less than 5 years ago.




Global Game Changer


Innovations are assessed basis these parameters by our Knowledge Partners:

Uniqueness of the innovation

Commercial Viability

Impact Generated



The process of culling out the winners is a robust one- with a meticulous outreach followed by a thorough due diligence process supported by a Knowledge Partner and deliberations by two rounds of juries comprised of industry stalwarts


The take-away for the awardees transcends beyond transactional value of material things.


Inspire the next generation of innovators


Media coverage by leading publications


Networking with the elite to garner support for their innovation


Art of executive presence to make a memorable impact



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What MIF offers is very unique because through the Program we have access to different inputs such as industry experts like Sudhir Trehan and a sharp student team from SP Jain. The program not only tells you WHAT to do, but also supports through the HOW of it.

Shibarata Das, Founder of Atomberg Technologies Pvt. Ltd

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“MIF’s program that provides mentoring support is one of its kind and adds great value. Especially through a quick and efficient 2-month intervention on the logistics challenge, the result has been reduction in the spiralling costs of ‘Gyan Ka Pitara’ kits drastically and a potential saving of INR 30 lakhs for 2017.”

Safeena Husain, Founder and Executive Director at Educate Girls

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“MIF’s intervention on the supply chain challenge has helped reduce my damaged products return rate from 85% to less than 1 in 300. This means that many more children in India will have access to education through Zaya kits.”

Neil D’Souza, Founder of Zaya Learning Labs

Winners of MIF Awards 2018


Tonbo Imaging: Recognised for ‘Business Innovation’

ideaForge: Recognised for ‘Business Innovation’

Rivigo Logistics: Recognised for ‘Business Innovation’

Forus Health: Recognised for ‘Social Innovation’


Incredible Devices: Recognised for ‘Social Innovation’

Ecolibrium Energy: Recognised for ‘Start-Up Innovation’