Only with the power of innovation can one stand strong in the competent environment of today.

We are curating our second book that chronicles the scaling up journey of 8 Indian innovations. Through this book, we bring out mantras for all innovators- be it start-ups or corporate or government and educational institutions. The book is sure to inspire you as you take your innovation to the next stage.

This book will release in December 2019, until then you must read the first book released by us. It is must read for innovators, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, managers and students who are looking to make breakthroughs happen. Even today, this book is a benchmark for ‘innovation’. It has sold more than 65,000 copies thus far and is considered a bestseller in the genre.

With an aim to create awareness about some of the best ideas, innovations and innovators in the country that are truly transforming lives, communities, businesses and more, in 2009 we also launched InnoWin magazine. Over the course of time, the content of InnoWin has evolved from the conventional magazine that it used to be, to our weekly online newsletter.

In 2015, we partnered with Villgro and CAMTech, to conduct the ‘CAMTech Diabetes Hackathon’- an experimental program to help fuel innovation in a different manner. We looked at the Hackathon as a means to spur innovations.
The event required teams to device innovations based on a decided problem statement within a 48 hour time period. In 2015, the event saw a total of 40 innovations developed over a weekend.

Marico Innovation Foundation and Villgro invested in the winning team ‘Yostra Labs’ that developed a diagnostic device called Sparsh (a multi-parameter screening device to help early diagnosis of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy) and a treatment device called Kadam (a revolutionary therapeutic device to reduce the healing time of the Diabetic foot ulcer. It combines simplicity with the state of the art technologies in wound care).

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