1. What is MIF Awards?
Started in the year 2006, MIF awards identifies and awards innovations that hold potential to generate large scale impact. Innovations are recognized under three categories – Social, Business and Start-up.

2. Why was MIF awards set up?
MIF awards was set up to recognise innovations that have a potential to scale and generate significant impact.

3. Why should I apply for the MIF awards?
a) MIF awards is one of the pioneers in recognising innovations and showcasing them to a relevant audience (comprising of top CXO’s and innovation heads from India Inc. , entrepreneurs, venture funds and academia closely linked with the innovation ecosystem in India)
b) To win program rewards like –
• Business and investment opportunities
• Mentoring sessions with industry stalwarts like Harsh Mariwala
• Curated Diagnostic Panel to solve for business challenges you might be facing
• Direct entry to our Scale-Up Program
• Facilitated ecosystem connects

4. Who can apply for the awards?
a) Any Indian corporate, government or public body / institutions, educational institutions, corporate foundations, for profit & not for profit social organizations
b) The innovation should be beyond the prototype stage and must have shown proof of concept. Paper ideas will not be accepted.

5. How old can the innovation be?
The innovation should have exhibited results within the last 10 years. All innovations that have been implemented during or after 2009 are eligible.

6. What do you mean by Innovation?
The innovation can be in your product, process, service or operations.
a) Product: Creation of a new / unique product or technology
b) Process: Development of a new / unique method to improve business processes
c) Service: Delivering a new service or an existing service in an innovative way
d) Operations: Evolution or reinvention of a business through realignment of its resources and processes
e) Substantial and unique improvement on any existing product / service / process / operations

7. What are the categories under which I can apply?
There are two categories under which you can apply:

8. How long is the application form open for?
The application form for MIF Awards 2020 will be for 4 weeks till 31st July, 2019.

9. Can I send multiple applications?
You can send multiple applications only if the innovation being covered under each application is different.

10. What is the process of evaluation?
The process of evaluation of MIF Awards is divided in the following 5 stages:
a) Invitation of Application- Applications need to be submitted through the application form that is hosted online.
b) Screening- The applications will be screened objectively by our Knowledge Partners
c) Jury Phase 1- An eminent Jury comprising of representatives from both the business and social domain will evaluate each of the applications individually.
d) On Ground Due Diligence- the phase 1 of Jury round will be followed by further on ground due diligence by our Knowledge partners on the shortlisted candidates.
e) Jury Phase 2- The 2nd Jury will decide the winners based on the evaluation undertaken by the knowledge partner.

11. What is the prize that I will be getting? Is there a cash prize?
MIF Awards does not offer any cash prize.

12. When is the final awards ceremony?
The final awards ceremony will be held in the last week of February 2020 in Mumbai.

13. Who should I connect with if I have any queries?
You can write to us at innovationawards@marico.com

14. Can I send the application form by post or email?
No, the application form needs to be filled online only.

15. Are there any specific software formats that you accept for uploading documents?
The format for uploading documents will be mentioned against the question which requires you to upload documents.

16. What about the confidentiality of the information being shared by me?
All the data submitted by you will remain confidential and will only be accessed by the Knowledge partner and the MIF team. The information will not be shared with or sold to any third party.

17. If I am selected as an award winner, when will I be informed?
You will be informed by the 2nd week of December 2019.

18. Can I save the form half-filled and later on complete the form?
No, the form does not permit saving the application.

19. Are there any terms and conditions I should be aware of?
You can read about the Terms and conditions for the awards on our website. By submitting the application form, you agree to the terms and conditions on our website.

20. How can I know more about MIF Awards?
You can read more about the MIF Awards on our website.

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