7 Sutras of Innovation

Written by Nikhil Inamdar

A second book from our desk, this is a compilation of journeys of organisations that have scaled up to become top players in their respective industries.

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Organizations featured:

The book distils seven universal and powerful sutras that are common to their success stories as they made the critical transition from being start-ups to scale-up.

The organizations covered inside are winners of ‘Innovation for India’ Award – India’s most prestigious award for recognising innovations in our country. The platform is known for heralding breakthrough innovations across business and social sectors. The organizations featured in the book are highly diverse in terms of sectors, products, business models and operations.

However, what’s common among them is that they have achieved outstanding results with speed, scale and sustainability.

About the Author

NIKHIL INAMDAR is a senior journalist and bestselling author living in Mumbai. He was previously a news anchor with NDTV. His writings have appeared in a range of illustrious global and local publications.

Published by

” JAICO is very proud to publish 7 Sutras of Innovation in association with MIF. Each of the 8 award-winning organisations featured in the book speak of very different experiences and struggles. 7 Sutras will provide much-needed inspiration to any reader looking to dream big and chart his or her entrepreneurial journey. ”

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