TARA Livelihood Academy

Empowerment through relevant skill training is the driving force of continual employment and consecutive economic growth in India. TARA Livelihood Academy (TLA), established in 2007 by the Development Alternatives Group (DA), is striving to do just that. 

TLA facilitates skill development for youth, women, and communities. Their dynamic training modules ensure skilled workers are able to adjust their learning to suit evolving demands of the market. In this way, their graduating workforce will always be relevant and employed.

How does TLA operate?
TLA’s courses focus on Employability Skills, Entrepreneurship Development and Executive Training. It operates on two models:
Plan 1: TLA identifies the need for specific skill development in an area with a large youth population. Or, it surveys an area for demand for trained youths.
Plan 2: Step 1: TLA understands the requirements of its partner organisations.
Step 2: After adequate research and completely understanding locational attributes and training needs, it defines a course of action for training by preparing modules, and adequate literature.
Step 3: TLA then imparts training to the identified youth through their networks of Vocational Training Centres, Community Training Centres, and through partnerships.
Step 4: It then assists the youth in securing employment or creating self-employment opportunities. TLA’s own placement agency works towards placing trained workers through industrial tie-ups.

What scale and impact challenges did TLA face?
TLA faced key challenges and roadblocks in the following avenues:
1) They were finding it difficult to enter a new market.
2) Identifying relevant courses to the match the interest and skills of the training workers was another challenge.
3) Driving enrolment for courses posed a difficult problem.
4) TLA was also struggling to create a positive brand image and drive it through the target audiences and markets.
5) They wanted to establish brand TARA.

How is SIAP helping TLA?
1) MIF is creating a go-to-market strategy for mapping new geographies that will enable TLA to plug-in to demands of the market effectively and deploy their training resources.
2) Devising a standard operating protocol that enhances the ease of entering newer geographies and setting up centres.
3) Aiding the creation of a robust communication and outreach platform to enable the leveraging of key influencers to drive enrolments.
4) Creating an effective system of estimating demand and ensuring a perpetual pipeline of trained motivated workers who can be deployed as per the needs of the client organisation.